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WordFarm - Books - Single Bound

For those who love Superman and Wonder Woman—and who enjoy diving deep into the mythological history of superheroes, considering the ways that they both experience and reflect the best and worst our human condition—comes this double collection of poems, Single Bound. The first book in Bryan D. Dietrich's collection, Krypton Nights, won the prestigious Paris Review Prize in Poetry in 2001, and it receives a fresh treatment here. The second book, Amazon Days, makes its debut at a moment when women

WordFarm - Books - Death-Defying Acts

What does the Tattooed Lady fear? "Some day I'll run out of skin." Erin Keane's new book, Death-Defying Acts, is a collection of monologues by a varied cast of circus performers--the Aerialist, Zorada (a fortune teller), the Clown, the Tattooed Lady, the Lion Tamer and even the Lion. They're living on the "existential edge" says Richard Cecil, and their stories are crazily, eerily familiar to all of us. Two Cannibals Are Eating a Clown&emdash;One Turns to the Other and Asks, "Does This Taste Fun

WordFarm - Books - Our Father in the Year of the Wolf

Our Father in the Year of the Wolf Our Father in the Year of the Wolf  tells the story of a cursed father and son—monsters forced to relive the sins of generations past. Through cyclical, lyric poems, Dave Harrity deftly braids together motifs from horror, pop-culture and biblical literature into a winding and complex narrative about the trauma and fragmentation of a rural family, our animal commonness, the chaos of our hidden violence and the brutalities of our histories come back to haunt us.

WordFarm - Books - Helping the Morning

Jeanne Murray Walker's award-winning poems have been published in The American Poetry Review, Poetry, The Atlantic Monthly, The Georgia Review, Shenandoah, The Christian Century, Blackbird, Image and several hundred other journals. They have been collected into seven books published between 1985 and 2009 by a variety of presses, including the University of Illinois Press and Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing. Helping the Morning: New and Selected Poems offers Walker's most recent poems as well as a "be

WordFarm - Books - A Thousand Vessels

Taking up the personas of Eve, Sarah, Dinah, Mary, Martha and five other women from the Bible, Tania Runyan offers a stunning collection of poems in which the ancient and modern worlds collide. A Thousand Vessels reveals the common and complex experiences of women across the ages—loneliness, friendship, fear, hope, violence, love, bitterness, consolation. Fellow poet Jeanne Murray Walker says, "The two [worlds] are so wonderfully imagined and entwined that I found myself turning the pages of A T

WordFarm - Books - The Roswell Poems

What really crashed in the Roswell, New Mexico desert in 1947? Poet Rane Arroyo explores the evidence surrounding the famous "Roswell Incident" and its aftermath, drawing parallels to our lives today in the 21st century. Before the Hoopla: 1946 UFOs Over America Outside of the City Lights Eyewitnesses Mac Brazel Talks to the Poet, Man-to-Man Enter the Cowboy Patriotic Chaos The Fuse Is Lit Major Jesse Marcel Races to the Debris Site to Take Notes The World Outside of Roswell Ex

WordFarm - Books - The Assumption

Like The X-Files or 2001: A Space Odyssey, Bryan D. Dietrich's new book of poems The Assumption asks the question, "Are we alone?" Drawing parallels between today's popular science fiction mythologies and far older theological narratives, Dietrich wonders what moves us, what takes us up. Are there aliens? Is there a God? What's the difference? Navigating a constellation of possible answers—from ancient astronauts to traditional teleology to the death of Deity—this collection of interconnected so

WordFarm - Books - Rosing from the Dead

From the details of hikes in the mountains, conversations with children, observations in the college classroom or the church sanctuary, and forays into family history, Paul Willis weaves poems that "[push you] beyond the mundane to an unusual angle of vision." (Jill Peláez Baumgaertner, Christian Century). Several of the poems in Rosing from the Dead, Willis's second full-length collection, have appeared in publications such as Appalachia, Bark, Books & Culture, Christian Century, Cider Press Re

WordFarm - Books - The Gravity Soundtrack

With poems that are "as entertaining as they are compelling" (Greg Pape) The Gravity Soundtrack will please both veteran readers of poetry and those who've never before picked up a book of poems. In this debut collection Erin Keane explores subjects ranging from classic myth, philosophy and religion to rock 'n roll, pop culture and children's book characters. The poems are finely crafted, with a "confident and alert use of language" (Greg Pape),and each one shows keen insight into the nature of

WordFarm - Books - Sea Glass

Luci Shaw's poems have delighted, nurtured and inspired readers—and other writers—for decades. They regularly appear in Books & Culture, The Christian Century, Image, Nimble Spirit, Rock & Sling, Stonework, Weavings and other journals. They have been collected into fourteen books published between 1973 and 2013 by a variety of presses. Sea Glass is the fifteenth collection of Luci Shaw's poems. It combines 38 new poems with a "best of" selection of poems from many of her previous books. What the

WordFarm - Books - Tabloid News

In Recluse Freedom, a collection of new poems written from 1990 to 2010, John Leax offers a human history of family, community, and nation in conversation with a spiritual history—imagined, experienced and revealed. Readers who have already discovered Leax will welcome this new book. And, for others, Recluse Freedom provides a fresh and rewarding introduction to this poet of the "still, small voice." "His best poems to date," writes reviewer Thom Satterlee in Books & Culture. Home Homecoming

WordFarm - Books - Living on the Flood Plain

Watercolors The Flood Plain When Rain Begins What I Say, What Water Says Standing Water Beyond the Crest The Good Earth The Life of the River Charcoals New Snow One Must Survive Breaking the Ice What the Stream Says The Interval Romance of Air and Bones Caneadea Silt Studies Caneadea Silt An Abandonment Alone in an Irregular Field The Flood Sequence The Flood Lattice Bridge Sequence Bone Memory Sounless Water Forgotten Bridge What Winter

WordFarm - Books - The Alpine Tales

The best part of any good fantasy world is the promise that you could get there yourself. In The Alpine Tales, that promise is kept. The Three Queens Wilderness is only the swing of an ice ax away from the mountains you may think you know. It is a world inhabited by three strange sisters at mortal odds—and by marmots and ouzels and pocket gophers ready to help you find your way. The dangers you'll face are ever present. For this alpine world was a place of perfection until, by the bane of the La

Gay on God's Campus | Jonathan S. Coley

"A thoroughly researched rebuttal to the false-dichotomy portrayal of Christian groups as universally situated in opposition to LGBT culture. Coley's emphasis on the intersection of religious identity and LGBT activism fills an important niche in the field of social movements."—Tina Fetner, McMaster University “A sophisticated, nuanced exploration of activism in an all-encompassing setting, Coley deftly paints a portrait of LGBT advocacy on Christian college campuses and clearly demonstrates ho

WordFarm - Books - Lily Harp

Lily Harp returns from art school prematurely, pregnant and tossed between her well-meaning aunt, her protective grandfather, and her own uncertain sense of responsibility and independence. She is haunted by memories of her mother, whose suicide during Lily's girlhood first set Lily adrift. And she is drawn to another mother and daughter she meets at the water's edge and whose friendship presents Lily with a fateful choice between hope and safety. Set in a stilt-house nestled among the mangroves