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WordFarm - Books - The Behaviour of Clocks

Albert Einstein's thought experiments frame Sally Ashton's new collection of prose poems. Here she offers a poetic inquiry into time—the simultaneity of the past, present, and future in how each informs any moment. Fellow poet Amy Gerstler writes, "Ashton's investigative meditations maintain constant awareness of territories shared by physics and poetry. These wonderfully reflective poems arise from something like a physicist's precision of mind and a shaman's sensitivity of vision." . . .

WordFarm - Texases

In Texases, his fifth collection of poems, John Poch offers readers a kaleidoscope through which to view his home state--its geography and people, its past and present. Here is a mix of forms (prose poems, formal poems, free verse) and moods (awe, critique, humor) as vast and varied as the Texas landscape. Poet Grace Schulman describes it as an "ethereal" experience to enter into "poems visited by angels and biblical cadences and scriptural tones." And poet Patrick Phillips pronounces Texases to

William James Studies

The Owl of Minerva Landed Amongst Us: A Reflection on the 3 Life and Work of John J. McDermott Richard E. Hart (PDF) A Jamesean Personscape: The Fringe as Messaging to the 62 ‘Sick Soul’ John J. McDermott (PDF) BOOK REVIEWS & NOTES The Routledge Guidebook to James’s The Principles 80 of Psychology, by David Leary. Review by Paul Croce (PDF) Experiencing William James: Belief in a Pluralistic World, by 97 James Campbell. Review by Keith A. Menhinick and John R. Snarey (PDF)