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Renewing You: A Priest, a Psychologist, and a Plan

Are you struggling in your walk with Christ? Do you want to rediscover your reason for living, the person you were created to be? Renewing You: A Priest, a Psychologist, and a Plan gives you the keys to unlock areas of your life that hold you back from fully experiencing the renewal and transformation God has in mind for you. Co-authored by a priest and a psychologist, Renewing You combines principles of spiritual growth with psychological tools to help you become your best self, fully connected

WordFarm - Texases

In Texases, his fifth collection of poems, John Poch offers readers a kaleidoscope through which to view his home state--its geography and people, its past and present. Here is a mix of forms (prose poems, formal poems, free verse) and moods (awe, critique, humor) as vast and varied as the Texas landscape. Poet Grace Schulman describes it as an "ethereal" experience to enter into "poems visited by angels and biblical cadences and scriptural tones." And poet Patrick Phillips pronounces Texases to

William James Studies

The Owl of Minerva Landed Amongst Us: A Reflection on the 3 Life and Work of John J. McDermott Richard E. Hart (PDF) A Jamesean Personscape: The Fringe as Messaging to the 62 ‘Sick Soul’ John J. McDermott (PDF) BOOK REVIEWS & NOTES The Routledge Guidebook to James’s The Principles 80 of Psychology, by David Leary. Review by Paul Croce (PDF) Experiencing William James: Belief in a Pluralistic World, by 97 James Campbell. Review by Keith A. Menhinick and John R. Snarey (PDF)

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25 last-minute book gifts to stuff in your favorite reader's stocking

I suffer from bibliophilia and I’ll admit I often prefer to spend time with books rather than people, but that’s not a problem . . . is it? One thing I love almost as much as the books themselves is recommending them to people, so here I've selected 25 of the best titles I've read this year (out of the 104. So far. There are still a few weeks left of the year, you know). I read eclectically and widely, so there should be something here for everyone on your gift list, or you may even want to pi

The Legible List: New & Noteworthy Books, 2/1/22

With Valentine’s Day coming up, February is the month of love, and even though the whole thing makes me even more grumpy than usual, I have to admit there are some fab new books out right now on the theme of love. First, let’s turn to science, a move I can always get behind, no matter what the subject! More Than Words, by John Howard, uses the latest “cutting-edge research in interpersonal neurobiology, trauma-informed healing, attachment theory, and many more scientific fields” to help us incre

A Year in Reading, 2021: The Best Books I Read on Legible This Year

A Year in Reading, 2021: The Best Books I Read on Legible This Year Graphic Novel: Solutions and Other Problems, Allie Brosh. I’m a bit late to the Allie Brosh game, and I don’t know why I waited so long! This book is full of adorable pets, hilarious mishaps, and poignant experiences that everyone can relate to. Memoir: Little Panic: Dispatches from an Anxious Life, Amanda Stern. This book portrays what it feels like to be anxious so well that I felt anxious while reading it! So have all your

Legible Book of the Week: Rag and Bone, by Lisa Woollett

Legible Book of the Week: Rag and Bone, by Lisa Woollett When I was poking around Legible for a book to connect with our focus on sustainable living this week, I stumbled across the delightful book Rag and Bone, by Lisa Woollett, which isn’t a typical book I would think to read when I want to delve into such topics as climate change, sustainability, and environmental action. The book is more of a history book. Or sometimes a book of natural history. Or it’s a memoir. A book of genealogy. A book