Rates and Services


  • Proofreading: $40/hour
  • Copy editing: $60/hour
  • Line editing: $75/hour
  • Developmental editing rates are by the project. Please inquire.

Poetry Book Editing

  • Full manuscript: 50-80 pages, $1000. 
  • Chapbook manuscript: up to 35 pages, $600. 

About My Poetry Editing

Seventeen years ago, while still a student in an MFA program, I started editing poetry books for a small press called WordFarm. I’ve been helping poets improve their books ever since!

My editing process will show you how to improve your book through the careful placement of poems in such a way as to bring out the images, themes, deeper meanings, and narratives in the book, creating a satisfying and enjoyable experience for your readers. I'll also provide some general global comments on how to improve your individual poems. (For in-depth, line-by-line editing of each poem, please add $10/page.)